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National Park Text Sets

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Text sets are compilations of primary and secondary resources focused around an interesting central theme and driven by an overall compelling question. The central theme of these text sets is geography and the national parks. The text sets have been aligned with Common Core standards in English/Language Arts as well as National Geography Standards and serves as a tool to bring national parks into the classroom and into the lives of students. 

How to Use these Text Sets in your Classroom:

As a professional educator, you are free to adjust or adapt these text sets as you see fit for your classroom. To use either text set as it is currently presented, students begin with the anchor text, which focuses in on the main idea of the whole set, and work their way towards an understanding of the compelling question. After each text, a set of essential questions has been provided to help students connect each text back to the original compelling question. 

Our hope is that these text sets are widely used in a classroom setting to engage students with the natural and historic wonders the country has to offer and to understand the rational for their protection now and into the future. And perhaps this text set will encourage students to go out and explore National Park Service or other protected lands in their area. 

Text Sets:

Fourth Grade - How do national parks represent the different regions of the US?

In this text set, students explore the five regions of the United States through national parks. Studetns will learn the different characteristcs of each region, read a breif background on different national parks in that region, and will analyze national park photos looking for the characteristics of each region. This text set provides clear examples for students to learn about the regions of the United States while learning about the importance of national parks. 

Seventh Grade - What is the overall role of national parks in American culture?

In this text set, students explore the different roles of national parks in American culture from before their conception to today and into the future. The text set uses a wide range of documents such as maps, photos, letters, and quotes to allow students to analyze this question through a variety of perspectives. Students will learn about American history and American geography through national parks and will begin to form opinions on their cultural importance. 

Part 1 (Anchor Text to Text 7)

Part 2 (Text 8 to Text 14)

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