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Create Geographic Representations

Posted on October 12, 2017


This is the first of four monthly recent news about the geography anchor standards in the Iowa Social Studies Standards. Create Geographic Representations is the first geography anchor standard within the Iowa Core. Resources such as Social Explorer, The True Size, and Esri ConnectED are useful for when you need resources that have  maps and show different perspectives. Social Explorer provides easy-to-use, interactive tools to view demographic data. It is hard to represent the true size of the World on flat paper, so The True Size aims to help show how big our world actually is. Esri ConnectED is a free online mapping tool to use in the school. Esri ConnectEd connects mapping and analytics to show more in depth information  Others such as Worldmapper, Human Development Reports, and International Database are useful when looking for cartograms, graphs and population pyramids. Worldmapper contains subject oriented maps with information and PDF poster files with each map relating to a certain topic. In Human Development Records, graphs of data collected from 1990-2015 such as the Human Development Index or Education can be viewed by year and country. The International Database of the US Census allows map interface access to IDB data. Use these resources to aid your teaching of the first geography standard Create Geographic Representations.