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Fulbright-Hays Group Projects Abroad Learning Objects: Chile

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Man making a traditional rural Chilean  "working person" breakfast
"Working Persons" Breakfast

Traditional rural, “working persons” breakfast in central Chile.  It is red wine mixed with flour which you drink like a shake

A mural depicting the indigenous history of Chile
Afro-Chilean Mural

This is a series of murals that chronicles the history of African slavery in Chile.  Here, the Indigenous history of the region is depicted.

A traditional Afro-Chilean dwelling
Afro-Chilean Quincha

This reconstructed Quincha in San Miguel is a traditional Afro-Chilean dwelling used by African slaves in the 1800s.

Alpaca drinking from Lake Chungara
Alpaca Drinking from the Edge of Lake Chungará

The alpaca belong to local residents, and herds can be identified by different colored yarn tassels on their ears.

Alto Macul community
Alto Macul Subdivision in Santiago

Alto Macul is a newer upper-middle class gated community at the base of the Andean foothills.

The copper mining community

The copper mining community of Andacollo.

Houses in Socoroma
Aymara Community of Socoroma

 Socoroma is a traditional Aymara community on the edge of the Altiplano.

Houses in an indigenous community high in the Andes
Aymara Community of Socoroma

An indigenous commuity in the high Andes. 

A woman sitting on the street
Aymara Woman in Tacna, Peru

Because of poor economic conditions on the Altiplano, many Aymara migrate to Tacna and other larger cities near the coast.

Azapa Valley and Atacama Dessert
Azapa Valley

A view of the Azapa Valley and surrounding Atacama Desert. 

Azapa Valley surrounded by the Atacama Desert.
Azapa Valley

A stark contrast between the irrigated Azapa Valley and adjacent Atacama Desert.

Olive Trees in Azapa Valley in the Atacama Desert
Azapa Valley in far north Chile

Chile's Azapa Valley is in the Atacama Desert and known for its olives

A baseball field
Baseball Field

A baseball field near Vallenar. 

The Bío Bío River
Bío Bío River in Central Chile

The Bío Bío River is the largest river in central Chile. 

Optometry stores
Businesses in Tacna, Peru

Much like Americans travelling to Mexico for cheaper goods and services, Chileans travel to Peru for lower cost products and services, like optometry and dentistry.

A Catholic church in Aymara
Catholic Church in Parinacota

A Catholic church in the Aymara community of Parinacota.

A Catholic church in Conceptión
Celebration of Don Bosco in Concepción

Don Bosco, an Italian Catholic Saint, is widely celebrated in Chile, Argentina, and across the globe.

A cemetery in Concepción

A typical urban cemetery in Concepción. 

Children dancing
Children Performing the Cueca Dance

Children at the Escuela Lucila Godoy Alcayaga in Hualpén perform the Cueca, Chile’s traditional national dance.

Children dancing
Children Performing the Cueca Dance

Children at the Escuela Lucila Godoy Alcayaga in Hualpén perform the Cueca, Chile's traditional national dance. 

Children dancing
Children Preparing to Dance the Cueca

Children at the Escuela Lucila Godoy Alcayaga in Hualpén get ready to dance the Cueca, Chile’s traditional national dance.

A Chilean grocery store
Chilean grocery store

Chilean grocery store in Arica

A commune in the Azapa Valley

A commune in the Azapa Valley.

Concha Y Toro vineyard
Concha Y Toro

The Concha Y Toro vineyard near Pirque; the largest winery in South America.

Concha Y Toro Vineyard
Concha Y Toro Vineyard

Concha Y Toro Winery in Pirque, Chile, one of the largest wineries in South America

A view of the green valley and the brown dessert
Contrast Between Valley Floor and Desert

In the world’s driest desert there is a stunning contrast between valley floors and the surrounding desert.

traditional "Curanto" meal

Traditional Chilean meal called “Curanto”.  It is seafood, sausage, and potato dumplings all served together

The Hualpén Peninsula
Early Evening on the Hualpén Peninsula

The Hualpén Peninsula is where the Bío Bío River flows into the Pacific Ocean.

El Morro Historical War Monument
El Morro Historical Site

Site commemorating conflict and then peace between Chile and Peru

Men fishing off a boat
Fishing Boat Near Coquimbo

Coquimbo is a major center for fishing, and family fishing businesses remain an important part of life.

Fishing boats in Lota
Fishing Boats in Lota

Fishing Boats in Lota in central Chile

Fishing boats along the coast
Fishing Boats in Talcahuano

Commercial fishing is a major economic activity up and down Chile’s coast.

Graffiti on a wall

Graffiti in a low-income neightborhood in Santiago.

Guano/Nitrate deposits along the cliffs
Guano/Nitrate Deposits

Guano deposits and nitrate production were a key part of the War of the Pacific between Chile, Bolivia, and Peru and were a critical global resource until synthetic nitrates were invented.

A celery field
Harvesting Celery Near La Serena

Except for truly tropical fruits/vegetables, nearly everything in Chile is grown in one of its many climatic zones.

Herbs for sale at the market
Herb Vendor in Santiago

Traditional herbs and home remedies are common throughout Chile as they are in much of the world.

Homeless men sleep on the front steps of a church
Homelessness in Santiago

Homeless men sleep on the front steps of a church in Santiago. 

Typical indian household tools
Household Tools

Typical household tools.

Housing in a coal-mining community
Houses in Lota

Housing in Lota, a depressed coal mining community

The Humayun Tomb
Humayun Tomb

The Humayun Tomb.

An Inca Tambo
Inca Tambo in Far Northern Chile

An Inca Tambo, an inn or guesthouse for long distance travelers, near Putre.

An industrial neighborhood
Industrial Neighborhood

A gritty industrial neighborhood in Santiago. 

Fishing ships along the Bío Bío River estuary
Industry and Fishing Along the Bío Bío River Estuary

The Bío Bío River estuary in central Chile is one of the country’s major industrial centers. 

A tributary to the Pacific Ocean
Inlet and Seabirds Near Arica

The Pacific coast of northern Chile and southern Peru has one of the world’s highest concentrations of seabirds due to the abundance of anchovies and other small fish in the Humboldt Current.

La Moneda capital building
La Moneda

La Moneda, Chiles capitol building and seat of government


Llamas were first domesticated in the Andes and are still herded in the mountains

Llareta (a mound of green) plant growing in the rocks
Llareta in the Altiplano

Llareta (mound of green) is an endemic plant that grows in the harsh high-altitude conditions.  Some llareta are over 3,000 years old.

A low income apartment building
Low Income Apartment Building

A low income apartment building in Lo Espejo, one of Santiago's poorest neighborhoods. 

A low income community
Low Income Community Near the Edge of Arica

Despite the poverty, there are streetlights, electricity, running water, and sewer systems.

Houses in a lower income neighborhood
Lower Income Neighborhood Near the Edge of Arica

A lower income neighborhood near the edge of Arica.