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Fulbright-Hays Group Projects Abroad Learning Objects: Bangladesh

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"Seeing is believing see Bangladesh" banner
"Seeing is believing see Bangladesh!"

Sign: "Seeing is believing see Bangladesh!"

Men carrying bags of harvested tea leaves
Bagged Tea

Harvested tea leaves. 

Two men transporting bananas on bike

Two men transporting bananas. 

Vendors selling their goods in stalls at the market
Bangladesh Market

Stalls at a market selling various goods. 

A sign for the restaurant pizza palace with a photo of a cheeseburger
Bangladesh Pizza Palace Sign

A  Pizza Palace sign in Bangladesh advertises cheeseburgers. 

A poster
Bangladesh Sign

Bangladesh Sign

A poster
Bangladesh Sign

Bangladesh Sign

A Bangladesh couple in traditional attire
Bangladesh Wedding

A newlywed couple in traditional weddint attire. 

Bikes, carts, cars, and busses fill the busy street
Bike and Car Traffic

Bike carts, cars, and buses share the road. 

A bike cart
Bike Carts

Bike carts are common and easy methods of transportation. 

A group of bike carts and riders
Bike Carts

Bike carts are an easy and effective way of transportation. 

A blacksmith at work

A blacksmith practices his craft. 

A sculpture of a blooming flower
Blooming Flower Sculpture

A sculpture of a blooming flower in Bangladesh. 

A boy showing his purchases
Boy Shopping

A boy displays his purchases after shopping.

A boy working a silk loom
Boy Working a Silk Loom

A boy working a silk loom. 

Chickens being kept in a basket

Transporting chickens in a basket. 

A boy working on silk in a factory
Child Working with Silk

A child working in a silk factory. 

A group of boys traveling on a cart
Children in Bangladesh

A group of boys on their way to or from school. 

Children playing on a field
Children Playing

A group of children play a game on a field, possibly football (soccer). 

Children playing soccer
Children Playing Sports

A group of children play a game of football (soccer). 

A teacher and her students in their classroom

A teacher and her class in a elementary classroom. 

A shop selling colorful cloth
Cloth Shop

A shop sells colorful cloth. 

Candy, gum, and cigarettes for sale at a convenience store
Convenience Shop

A convenience shop sells candy, gum, cigarettes, and other items. 

Two men cooking vegetables
Cooking Vegetables

Two men cook vegetables in the open. 

Men playing cricket

A group of men play cricket in Bangladesh. 

Men playing cricket

Some men play cricket in Bangladesh. 

The back of an elaborately decorated bike cart
Decorated Bike Cart

Bike carts can be very beautiful and decorated. 

A wildlife preservation poster
Environmental Poster

A poster about preserving the wildlife in Bangladesh. 

A family of three on a motorcycle
Family Motorcycle Travel

A family of three fits onto a motocycle.

A family riding on the back of a trailer
Family on the Road

A family travels down the road on the back of a trailer.

A women dances in traditional dress
Fancy Traditional Dress

A women dances in fancy traditional dress.

A woman at work in the fields

A women works in the fields. 

Two women preparing a meal
Food Preparation

Two women prepare a meal.

A sign of various fruits
Fruit Sign

A sign describing various fruits. 

A fully-covered woman out in public
Fully-Covered Woman

A fully-covered woman out in public. 

A man transporting his gourds on a cart
Gourd Cart

A man transports his gourd crop. 

A silk product being beaded by hand
Hand-Made Silk

A silk product being made by hand. 

Wokers harvesting tea leaves
Harvesting Tea Leaves

Harvesting tea leaves in Bangladesh. 

Two cars too close together in a traffic jam
Heavy Traffic

Traffic can become extremely congested.

Horse-drawn carts
Horse-Drawn Cart

While modern transportation is widely used, horses are still used as transport in Bangladesh today. 

A man selling at his ice cream cart
Ice Cream Cart

An ice cream cart provides ice cream on the go. 

A large roll of silk
Large Roll of Silk

A large roll of silk. 

A woman does laundry by the water
Laundry Day

A women does laundry down by the water. 

A man working on a silk loom
Local Man Making Silk

A local Bangladesh man making silk on a loom.

Locals carrying their goods in baskets on their head
Locals with Baskets

Bangladesh locals use baskets to carry goods. 

A machine used in the process of turning tea leaves into tea
Manufacturing Tea

Tea leaves in the process of being manufactured. 

Vendors selling their goods
Market Vendors

Various vendors sell food, crops, and other items. 

A girl in modern dress
Modern Girl

A girl in modern dress carries various items. 

A mother and her son, both in traditional dress
Mother and Son

A mother and son in traditional dress.

Dyed silk being laid out to dry
Newly-Dyed Silk

Silk drying soon after being dyed.